Barcelona 1800 Limited Edition

  • Barcelona 1800

    Limited Edition

A wallclock made by hand with seafaring roots, needles that look like oars that move the time, and take us back to the past.
Made with solid beech wood.

Limited Edition

Tothora, wants to give a new impetus to his hourly sculptures and for this he has created this new section In which we will offer the most exclusive models.

Limited edition, it offers unique time sculptures, exclusive and limited handmade.

The exclusivity of these sculptures, makes Tothora the only supplier in the limited edition world.

For more information and prices you can contact us by filling out and sending the following form which is on the right.

Our time sculptures are exclusive designs made by Josep Vera for Tothora and made with great passion By authentic artisan cabinetmakers.

No two sculptures are alike, since we use noble woods and present different aspects by their very nature, all come from reforested forests, thus ensuring environmental sustainability policies.

Original sculptures, exclusive and edited by hand delivered with a certificate numbered and signed by its author.
Each sculpture is limited to an edition of 501 *
(numbered from 000 to 501), which once depleted, will not be edited again.

Being sculptures made by hand, will be edited and numbered on demand,
this means that the edition of the whole will not end until the 501/501 sculpture is done,
At this time will be communicated to all owners.

If you receive an offer from any other supplier of a Tothora Limited Edition time stamp,
We thank you to let us know because it could be a scam, remember that all the time-sculptures of the Limited Edition of Tothora are signed and numbered by hand by its creator and are accompanied by their corresponding and exclusive certificate.

* Tothora, reserves the numbered sculptures with the following numbers:
000/501 and 501/501, Which remain in the property of its author.

Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a Barcelona 1800 model time sculpture.

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Barcelona 1800
Material finishes: Wenge – Beech

Barcelona 1800
Material finishes: Beech – Wenge

Features Barcelona1800

Limited Edition

Barcelona 1800 – Ø 85 cm (Total)

Material finishes:

Natural Wood: Wenge . Beech