Exclusive Wallclocks

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Surprising, elegant and unique, we do not put more qualifiers, although they deserve it, clocks to live time.

Emotion . Beech/Walnut

Emotion work

Exclusive edition

Tothora offers you the most exclusive models of its hourly sculptures, made by hand.

The exclusivity of these sculptures makes Tothora the only supplier in the world of this edition.

Our time sculptures are exclusive designs by Josep Vera for Tothora and made with great passion by authentic artisan cabinetmakers.

No two sculptures are the same, since we use noble woods and they present different aspects due to their very nature, they all come from reforested forests, thus ensuring environmental sustainability policies.

Features Emotion




Ø 52 cm x 6 cm (Total)

Material finishes:

Solid wood: Beech and Walnut