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Boxlight by Tothora

Boxlight by Tothora in Arte Regalo magazin

A clock or a lamp, or both at the same time? It is Tothora’s new proposal for the new year, based on the Box model that has achieved so many successes in recent years.
A thread of light that emerges from time and that wants to make a difference, a sculpture with its own light that will delight when it comes to decorating your home. Time and light, one is not conceivable without the other, two realities necessary to enjoy this clock. Change your position or simply move yourself, you can appreciate different visual expressions, a unique experience, an interaction between time and light. Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze finish, it incorporates a lamp holder for Standard LED lamps.
You know, now you can light up any corner, thus creating a very special environment where you can enjoy time with passion, the same one that we put for our sculptures for many years.

Tothora, dreams come true.


Arte Regalo 265


London Design Fair 2018

Tothora has participated in the London Design Fair 2018, together with Toru Barcelona, Nutcreatives, Sergi Ventura and Barcelona Rugs, under the Inspired in Barcelona brand, BCD Barcelona Design Center, with the support of the Barcelona City Council. A small sample of the current design of some Catalan creators who edit their own pieces, many of them made by hand. A good opportunity to see closely the work done by all of them.

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Glamour Inspired

‘Inspired in Barcelona: Design Editions’ visits the London Design Festival!

Under the Inspired in Barcelona brand, BCD Barcelona Design Center, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, will present a collection of brands and designers which work has been inspired by the values, excellence and lifestyle of Barcelona, at the London Design Festival.

The London Design Fair, will introduce a collection of habitat sector talent which work has been inspired by the values and lifestyle of the city. Barcelona is well-known in the world as a place that exudes creativity, design, architecture and trends, elements which coexist and interact to create the style characteristic of a city which inspires both visitors and those who live in it.

Five Catalan companies will present their creative work at the “Inspired in Barcelona: Design Editions” stand: Barcelona Rugs, Nutcreatives, Sergi Ventura, Toru and Tothora.

All five Catalan companies will be presented by BCD Barcelona Design Center with the support of the Barcelona City Council.

Stand 3.6.Hall H3

Glamour Inspired

Arte Regalo gener 2018

Barcelona Flower by Tothora in Arte Regalo magazine

Barcelona Flower, a wall clock inspired by flowers and its diversity of colors and nuances, handmade with solid wood including needles and with the possibility of personalizing it according to your tastes or tendencies. The base model is made with beech and walnut woods.

A fun wall clock with a Mediterranean character capable of falling in love and that will mark the most important hours of your life.

Last year floral and natural trends have been a reference of inspiration for many creators.

To pull the petals off a daisy, and you know, it loves me, it does not love me, it loves me …

Tothora, art in time.

Arte Regalo gener 2018

DFactory 2018

Christmas Days by Tothora

Tothora has participated in the DFactory Christmas Market held in Granollers, during the past Christmas, a market that has celebrated its third edition and which is attended by about 10,000 people. During the same, Tothora has promoted its particular Christmas Days by Tothora, making special discounts.

DFactory 2018