Tothora in Arte Regalo magazine

Tothora invites you to enjoy time, with its new collection of modular wall clocks. You can choose the clock base, size, shape, with or without number and its size and of course the surface finishing (lacquered or wooden).

At Tothora we are passionate about time, and this leads us to design and edit hourly sculptures, becoming the first ones creating exclusive and unique pieces for you that also value time and art. Exclusive for its design and unique because they are handmade by real master carpenters. True mediterranean character pieces designed and made in Barcelona with German machinery, signed by its creator, certifying its authenticity and underlining its exclusivity to let you enjoy time.

Arte Regalo 259

Two Terrassa companies participate in a European project of good practices in the creative sector.

Terrassa, November 3, 2017. Tothora and Mosaic Libros are the two local companies of the creative sector who, accompanied by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Terrassa, presented their experience in the European exchange of good practices Companies from the creative sector that, in the framework of the European Chimera project, took place in Slovenia from October 2 to 6, 2017. A total of 100 entities, companies, entrepreneurs and investors from different European countries participated in this convened meeting with the aim of promoting the improvement of the competitiveness and internationalization of the companies of the creative sector by means of the exchange of good practices and the impulse of agreements of collaboration between organizations, companies and investors of the creative sector in Europe .

During the meeting, during which the participants analyzed the opportunities to improve the financing of creative industries and the public and private instruments that today exist to support the new companies in the sector, different entrepreneurs and young people Companies participated in an exchange of experiences and public presentation of projects to international investors present at the conference. At the hands of the Terrassa Chamber, which participated actively in the organization of the event, Tothora and Mosaic Books participated in the sessions of exchange of good practices.

Tothora is a unique watch and design company founded by designer Josep Vera. With minimalist and unique forms, the company creates watches specially designed for the decoration of the home or office. Meanwhile, Mosaic Books is an independent publishing company, created in 2014, founded by Mertxe Paris, who decided to create its own publishing label aimed at children’s and young people’s literature and books for the whole family, then Of solid professional experience in other publishers and a professional stay at Barefoot Books (Oxford), through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange program managed by the Terrassa Chamber.

Tothora a la Premsa

Tothora participates in the European project ChiMERA

Tothora participates in the European project ChiMERA, Innovative Cultural and Creative Clusters in the MED Area, in which the Cambra de Comerç of Terrassa collaborates and that the last session was celebrated the 4 and 5 of October in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana.Tothora-Chimera

Chimera la Cambra

Tothora at “La Llotja del Disseny”

Tothora has participated in the Market Place “La Llotja del Disseny” at the Porxada, with an open-air market in the middle of Granollers. A good occasion to introduce us to our city.

We want to thank the interest that has awakened our time sculptures.Porxada_2017_by_Tothora

Thanks Granollers

Wallclock collection by Tothora

We present the new collection of wall clocks, we have invested part of our time in creating exceptional models in a modular way that will allow you to combine shapes, numbers, needles and finishes. We offer you the first images. Available from October.Wallclock Collection

Just for Clocks and Tothora in Better Interiors magazine

New publication on one of our time scuptures, this is our model Track 60, a hand made wallclock with oak wood finish.

Just for Clocks is our partner in India.

Better Interiors Tothora

Tothora presents Planet Limited Edition

An exclusive model, made by hand for time collectors. A limited edition of 501 units, signed, numbered and with the corresponding certificate.

Planet by Tothora XXI

Tothora has participated in NYCxDESIGN 2017

Inspired in Barcelona: Lifestyle is a collective exhibition which brings together a selection of brands, designers and new talent from the habitat sector inspired by the values and lifestyle of Barcelona that took place last May in New York.

Barcelona is well-known in the world as a city which exudes creativity, design, architecture and trends, elements which coexist and interact to create the style characteristic of a city which inspires all those who visit or live in it. 13 brands introduce us to a city which invites us to enjoy its cultural and creative tradition.

Participating Companies:

Tothora BCD NY 2017BD Barcelona Design, Bloomint Design, Carpyen, Estiluz, Hidraulik, Livingthings, Mik Max, Mobles 114, Nutcreatives, Persiana Barcelona, Pichiglas Studio, Toru, Tothora.

Slice Finalist at NYCxDESIGN Awards 2017

Slice by Tothora, among the three finalists of prestigious NYCxDESIGN Awards 2017 in the category of home accessories celebrated during the ICFF Interior Design Fair in New York. An honor to be a finalist, a new International recognition and one more reason to continue creating time sculptures.

BCD NY 5 bis

Tothora participates in Pop Art in Vic (Barcelona)

Participation in the first Pop Art in Vic, last April 1, held inside the Casino, next to  the famous “Plaça Major”, where the weekly market takes place. There was an Market place.

Vic 5