Interview with Josep Vera, tothora design clocks

Old ideas adapted to changing times.Interview with Josep Vera, tothora design clocks“>
1. You are an example of a company that was created by the crisis?
But not by necessity, but by chance! After more than twenty-five years as a graphic design studio, I had a crisis “professional” that, coupled with the fall in turnover, caused me the strength to start a new path.
2. I grew all the time, you want to propose a new concept of time or art?
The two things. The clocks have not changed much in recent times. Therefore, innovation and art pieces mix any time.
3. Speaking of watches, if you could stop time, at what point in your life you do?
I’ll stop now, because for me it is one of the best moments. Although not earn money, the fact of what you like and fills priceless.
“Art always has a place in our culture”
4. In a world so digitized, which has room for art? What do you think of the technology boom which is involved as much start-up?
Art always has a place in our culture. The evolution of the human species has a direct correlation with art. And now, with the age of technology, it will remain so! Art occupies a privileged place in our lives! In the digitized world there are other tools or channels where we can express it. The difference is that now the art also travels to the network and is closer.
5. For a lover of art technology so scary?
Some fear it makes, do not deny passage. If only because the technology draws energy. But there is no energy technology worth. So I think we need more alternative natural character. Welcome all start-up with their ideas can make a better world!
6. If you could hire who would like a member of your team, who file and why?
Not long ago we added a girl who do a very good tandem. So my clone would be good [laughs]! I imagine doing a duet with my clone and developing all the ideas I have. It would be great.
7. I know that at all times has a strong presence internationally. How do you sell more out here?
All times was born promote internationalization and always thinking of Europe, initially in the Nordic countries. But my surprise was that there were other interesting places in Europe such as the Netherlands, England and Ireland. Today, you can find watches all the time in India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, Nigeria, the United States, France, Czech Republic … and now we are opening a network of representatives in Spain. Also committed to our presence in virtual stores prestige, and here in the United States.
8. They say that behind every great artist is a Muse …
Man, I would define as an artist, never as a great artist. This saying is true or not, there is a muse … But that is another story [laughs].
9. What about the experience with crowdfunding?
Just now we have launched a campaign to IndieGoGo. Realistically, I do not get much funding, but at least I hope, taking advantage of this global platform, has a good impact communication. What I can say is that it has had a positive impact on the number of visits to our website.
10. This is fine, but also need the money, right?
I am aware that we are preparing for another campaign aimed specifically seek funding through investors. See if you are lucky and manage to get it!
11. What would you tell your clients of all times in ten years?
There is a before and after in the world of decorative clocks.

Tothora in the Czechoslovak Republic

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