Boxlight by Tothora

Boxlight by Tothora in Arte Regalo magazin

A clock or a lamp, or both at the same time? It is Tothora’s new proposal for the new year, based on the Box model that has achieved so many successes in recent years.
A thread of light that emerges from time and that wants to make a difference, a sculpture with its own light that will delight when it comes to decorating your home. Time and light, one is not conceivable without the other, two realities necessary to enjoy this clock. Change your position or simply move yourself, you can appreciate different visual expressions, a unique experience, an interaction between time and light. Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze finish, it incorporates a lamp holder for Standard LED lamps.
You know, now you can light up any corner, thus creating a very special environment where you can enjoy time with passion, the same one that we put for our sculptures for many years.

Tothora, dreams come true.


Arte Regalo 265

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